Every time I have sex with you, I confess. Actually, my goal is very simple. I just want you to care about me.


You, the person I love most in my life; you, the person I want most in my life; you, the person I’ve been waiting for in my life; you, the only person in my life.


If I become loess, loess will love you; if the grass grows green on the loess, the grass will love you; if the grass is covered with dew, the dew will love you.


Missing is the ticking sound of the eaves, the wave of the lake, the mist in the morning, the confusion when waking up. I miss you very much at the moment!


The love letter was written by me, the rose was sent by me, the picture was taken by me, the phone was made by me, and the message was sent by me!


Like a person, there will be no pain. Love a person, may have long suffering, but he gave me happiness, is also the greatest happiness in the world.


I want to grow old with you.


Don’t stick to your dedication, don’t let me wait indefinitely, don’t let me see your senses, it makes me sad because of you more heartache.


There are so many towns in the world, there are so many pubs in town, she walks into me.


Love, originally is wine, drink a drunk; miss, the original is the sea, I will be drowned; you, it was a flower, in my heart has quietly opened.


Husband, I almost did not sleep late last night, in addition to check their own mistakes, I still have to make time move, “warm” card, please forgive me!


I love you more than I love myself. You are the sun in my heart, with you shining, I am full of vitality.


If this world really will reincarnation, then the next life, I must not meet you, because, like your happiness makes me unable to extricate themselves.


Everybody says we’re like fish and water. I want to be your fish in the water!


I want to be a blind man. I don’t want to see anything, but I just want to see you. It’s enough to see you in my eyes.


Use your name and my surname to achieve this story, from then on no worries, no worries, the story is flat, but you have enough!


How many times have I told you, be careful at night, don’t go out, you just don’t listen? No, no, I went back to my dream last night, so I didn’t want to wake up!


I love you from the last century, I love you until the day I left, I will not say forever, but the love of your time is always more than ever!


Life, the most reluctant page, always hides the deepest.


Love makes us meet, love makes us love, love makes us love, love makes us worry, let me give all my love to you in my lifetime.


I know you like me, so I’m not afraid of anything!


I Aiweinasi, pure and noble, I love the seven fairies, beautiful and persistent. My love for you, so you.


You are covered with dew like the petals, bringing fragrance; you like it whistles across the sky, bring me the mind and the pursuit.


Acquaintance with you is a kind of predestined relationship, love with you is a kind of beauty, with you is a blessing, I would like to accompany you forever.


Meeting you is accidental, like you are natural, fall in love with you is resolute, get you are happy, with your life is inevitable.


You know, love is selfish! So my heart has not dissolved into the slightest distracting thoughts. In fact, as long as you turn my heart only you know!


Your mobile phone, attached to your body; my message attached to the phone, really want to break through the screen, let me hold you, life and death cycle, I love you only!


Love makes people forget time, time also makes people forget love.


With you, my life has become infinitely vast, with you, the world has become so fascinating.


Like your smile, like watching you quietly, my sadness like clouds, flew away at once.


You have dreams during the day, and you have dreams at night. You should take good care of yourself, don’t get a cold runny nose; if you sneeze occasionally, it means I miss you!


I want you to be my child’s mother, and my child wants you.


If you don’t want him to introduce you to a boyfriend, say his name.


You are a little too handsome, you are so cute, you are the worst to me, so I can only love you.


People say love hard, from heart pain. I say love is difficult, difficult to meet those mountains in the distance. A little red should be silent sorrow filled with a thousand regrets.


If I fall in love with you is also a mistake, I firmly believe that this will be the most beautiful mistake in life, I would rather wrong for life.


Love you, it’s true, love your eyes, big and bright. Love your lips, gentle and mellow. Love you all, want to have you.


I don’t know whether I should open the window to let rain come into the house, I do not know the face of spring look, I should pay what love.


You should easily say love, promise is owed debt, not easy to say no love, perhaps happiness is shut out of you!


People of love, every day is festival. A marker, a legend; a lovesickness, with hope; a love, life in love!


Being with you is just that I don’t want to give anybody a chance.


If there is an afterlife, I would like to be your pupil, when you look in the mirror, you can give your deepest gaze to me!


Although it is meant to be, I hope in the future, I can add a nice memory in your memory, through the efforts of this life, Xiuman afterlife affection.


Love is the concern of the hard; love, is yearning for loneliness; love, is the embrace of happiness, love, is everlasting guardian; love, is my silent yearning for you.


No one in the world is so nervous as you are! So spoony love me. So, I decided to marry you this life!


I regret having known you, you make me feel the pain when you are not with me.


Love makes us meet, love makes us love, love makes us love, love makes us worry, let me give all my love to you in my lifetime!


I already have someone who I like.


Leave your wallet on the street and pull the line in the dark. Once you pick up your wallet, pull your wallet away!


Also hope that you work harder, don’t give up yourself, one day you will get your own happiness!


In the vast sea of people, know you, is a kind of fate, only hope to use my sincere, in exchange for your true feelings.


Dear, I love you, mouth want to kiss you, eyes want to see you, two hands want to embrace you, always want you, dream hold you, this life all depend on you, never wronged you.


Because love quietly escape, avoid the figure, can not hide the feelings of silence; today, I finally summon courage to express my love to you.


I think it’s been a long time since I fell in love with you.


If each choice is a kind of abandonment, then it depends on whether you can afford to give up! I chose you, and I gave up all my misfortunes!


For you would rather not be free!


I’ll be your ear, and listen to the exclusive mode.


Meeting you is the fate of this life, falling in love with you is my life’s happiness, guarding you is my choice of this life, for you and I this life without regret, love your life unchanged!


There is no desert in the world, and every time I think about you, God drops a grain of sand, and then you have sahara!


Passion is a hope. This hope may turn into disappointment. Passion also means pain and transition. When hope is broken, passion ends.


You are the world, and the world is you. I am willing to use my heart, good accompany you, love you.


I love you so much, but I can’t be with you. I miss you so much, but I don’t care.


Hold your hand, every morning and evening, hold your hand, waiting for tomorrow, hold your hand, through life, hold your hand, generation after generation.


I thought the sky was blue, but he was grey. I think the heart is quiet, but he is beating. I really miss you.


I love you, I kiss you, I want to kiss you madly. Because you are my angel, my queen, my high love goddess!


The heart has been torn up, scattered in the air flying, like flowers have withered, can not be recovered again.


Love you, is a kind of warm sorrow, is a romantic feeling, is a kind of soft gesture, is a kind of want to say and have to say love!


Loneliness is not innate, but the moment when you fall in love with a person.


Love you for ten thousand years, is my pursuit; love you for one thousand years, is my desire; and kiss you once, is the happiest time of my life.


It’s the greatest happiness for me to meet you.


That day the best day of my life is that thing’s happening, and Naoki meet.


I deeply implore you; don’t you love me out of the door, I would not missing a minute of your love. Only win your love, my life will be glorious.


First go, bye. Take pains to gain love. To heart, it’s hard to wait. Don’t you mind, don’t understand my heart, willing to melt your heart with true heart?.


The fire of love is kindled in our hearts, and from then on we shall be melted together.


When you’re sad, I’m willing to be someone you can depend on.


If not for love you, how late will not sleep; if not because love you, how will inadvertently sigh, all over the world only you don’t know I love you!




I can clearly recall every movement, every expression, and the sounds and the images that I’ve been writing into my life.


Warm wind, a cloud of happiness, long day, eternal, doomed fate, regret, old messages, new hope! True love forever!


My motivation is to see you and talk to you every day.


Like a person, there will be no pain. Love a person, may have long suffering, but you give me happiness, is also the greatest happiness in the world.


Knowing that love not to love, but love without knowing hell-bent, results, but love half alive.


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